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  • Live At Aloft Hotels
Stylish W XYZ Bar
Call to Reserve: +49 89 5402370
Aloft Music
Our Spotify Playlist
FEEL THE MOOD. JUMP INTO THE VIBE. Download the #AloftLive Playlist and listen to music from artists that have played at Aloft Hotels or which you hear in the W XYZ Bar and feel the Munich nightlife wherever you are - anytime!
Aloft Star
Project: Aloft Star
Aloft Hotels and Universal Music Group's talent search, Project: Aloft Star, swept the globe looking for the-next-big-thing in music. The results are in, check out the 2018 winners from Europe! Before the next round, make the W XYZ Bar in Munich your stage - we're always on the hunt for new talents.
Live At Aloft
Live At Aloft Hotels is a venue where the nosebleed section doesn't exist. Where you can be as front row as you want and you're always a VIP. Discover live, acoustic performances from emerging artists and a vibrant social scene.  Check out our Facebook page to see who's playing next. This is #AloftLive.